About Us

About Us

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A leap of faith and a love of good things!

Leaf & Bean Trading Company was borne from passion and integrity. We enjoy and want to promote luxury products, that originate from developing countries, but give the highest social and environmental benefits to those people and places. We have carefully selected a range of products that we believe in and want to share. 

We are a family run, boutique tobacconist, with a wide variety of fine hand rolled and machine made cigars from Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Holland. We compliment our tobacco products with specially selected teas and coffees, many from the same growing regions. We stock an extensive range of quality craft pipes and a choice of tobacco, both pipe and hand rolling.

We have a loose chocolate counter, offering award-winning, hand-made fresh chocolates from Lick the Spoon, a local company, and various other chocolate goodies, a range of high quality personal gift ware, writing instruments and smoking accessories.

We pride ourselves on sourcing our products where possible from local suppliers and from makers whose products are grown and made ethically, and with care for the environment, something we are passionate about!


Purveyors of ethically sourced chocolate

Working closely with award winning chocolate makers who are just as passionate about producing quality chocolate as we are has opened up a world of flavours and a growing appreciation for cocoa farmers. 

We believe that chocolate doesn’t have to be viewed as a ‘guilty pleasure’ when fair and sustainable trading is put in place. Simply knowing that every step from bean to bar is in favour of the environment and those who work hard in producing unique, quality chocolate allows you to truly enjoy one of life’s great pleasures.

A growing passion for all things chocolate has motivated us to begin creating our own unique handmade chocolates in the heart of Bradford on Avon. Quality chocolate should be available for everyone regardless of your dietary requirements or allergies; something we continue to be aware of when creating our own chocolates. 


Leaf and Bean tobacco shop

Boutique tobacconist

We are the first specialist tobacconist to open in this country in a long time! Our belief is that cigar and pipe smoking are very mindful pastime, a hobby rather than a habit. Who doesn’t like a cigar at weddings, christenings or Christmas?!

Why ’boutique’? We recognise that tobacconists can sometimes be dark, unapproachable places and we want to change the stigma by offering a welcoming environment and a variety of products that not only compliment our cigars and tobacco, but are fantastic in their own right. Our coffee products, although eco-roasted locally, originate in many of the same cigar tobacco growing regions of the world.

Each growing region impart its own unique flavour, be it in coffee, chocolate or cigars. It’s about taking time to enjoy specialist hand crafted products, made using the highest quality ingredients, but knowing that they are ethical and sustainable. Little luxuries don’t need to cost the Earth!