Sincere apologies

I would like to apologise to all customers who have tried to buy items from the web shop only to have their order/ payments declined and cancelled.  When I was told by Stripe that I was not allowed to process tobacco sales through them and they cancelled sales, I joined PayPal, who assured me I was able to use their payment processing to sell on my website.  I set it up, with their help and had a laugh with them about restrictions Stripe had imposed on perfectly legal tobacco products.    Since joining PayPal, they have cancelled  23 sales with no notification!  I apologise sincerely to all those affected by PayPal’s incompetence.  Apparently they do have issue with the sale of tobacco products, even though it is a LEGAL SUBSTANCE!!

I have attempted  to contact PayPal several times since I realised they had ‘closed my online business down’  only to be met with  a generic email, in response to my complaint, saying that they will not be reinstating my account ‘deal with it’!  I certainly do not want my account reinstated and will definitely not be processing anything through such a bigoted company again.  I hope to get the shop back up and running with Sagepay/ Worldpay very soon and will be offering discounts, so watch this space!

Thanks for your patience and support



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